Sorry for the F-bombs in 2021

So, I am sorry. Yes.I swore a lot in 2021. Who didn’t? It seemed that it was as bad of a year as 2020 was. And with 2022 around the corner lurking like some sort of creeper we have to think back and reflect and also once again say “2022 is going to be lit!... Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween !

Happy Halloween my friends and readers! And I don’t have a spooky Sunday post but I do want to say something . Firstly, my kids had a great time trick or treating! And they actually went door to door! It was great!!! And they are right now passed out from Halloween happiness. And no cursed... Continue Reading →

Witchy woman

Hey friends. Got a new shirt and love it! Can you believe it is October? I can’t! It is crazy, it feels like the year is dragging and yet not. It that makes sense. I know it kind of doesn’t. This tee speaks to me so much! Witchy woman! I am who I am. And... Continue Reading →

Rose Quartz

I have this thing for rocks. And have a thing for the color pink. Shocker I know since I don’t wear it all that often. Hmm. Anyways,I was inspired by the stone to do a makeup look surrounding around the stone. For centuries, people have had crystals. Either for jewelry or for healing purposes, magic,... Continue Reading →

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