Feeling like a failure

It is hard being a parent. Let alone being a parent of a child with disabilities. It is really hard, really really hard. Especially when the child also has behavioral disorders. It puts you in a bind, a bind with child care, family functions, friends, no friends, schools. Daycares are not equipped to handle the... Continue Reading →

Beach day and crazy kids

I love taking my kids to the beach. I love it! But man oh man this time they were really pushing it with the whole not listening to parental units. You see both my boys are autistic. And beach days can be a hectic time for us. They get excited and run off. As most... Continue Reading →

The only picture

So, I was determined to get another set of pictures of this outfit . I had dropped my oldest at his speech therapist appointment and wanted to keep busy. So, I thought my 3 year old and I would head to a small little park. Normally my cutie would stay near by and play near... Continue Reading →

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