Cave Canem. Life is short learn something new.

  I love our new dog, and when I saw this tee on Etsy I had to have it! For one there is a dog on it and two it is in Latin. Cave Canem this in Latin means “beware of dog” or “beware the dog” . The pronunciation is “ka-way ka-nem” in Classical Latin... Continue Reading →

The dresses that didn’t fit

I am so disappointed right now. The dresses didn’t fit. The new dresses I just bought do not fit or at least one doesn’t . You can only imagine what that done to my self esteem. It has knocked it right into the trash bin. I tried different bras I tried different methods. Even had... Continue Reading →

Teuta Matoshi Worth the wait?

Back in November, I think it was,  I took advantage of Teuta Matoshi's sale. I purchased a tulle skirt and one of the many Instagram worthy and popular dresses. 11 long weeks later, I finally got my purchase. But was it worth it? Teuta Matoshi, worth the wait? Some might argue that no it is... Continue Reading →

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