Bouncing back from project rejection as an influencer.

Ah bouncing back from project rejection as an influencer, that is the subject of today’s blog post. There are two things I hate hearing as a blogger, influencer and no to pitches. It is hard to hear no from brands. Especially brands you love and use.What hurts even more is when you never hear back.... Continue Reading →

Why we get mad when cleaning.

Ok, it is time for some relationship advice and things like that. And one thing, that is something I see a lot of reels on or memes of is cleaning. The status being "anyone else get mad at everyone in the house when you start cleaning?" The answer is in short, yes. Especially, for moms.... Continue Reading →

Happy handmade Friday

Hello friends! Happy Friday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Made another skirt and boy is it sparkly!!! Just some remnants of my sparkle fabric and some elastic. But so pretty!!! 🥰 Anyways have a good weekend!

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