Were there female poets in Rome? Story of Sulpicia.

I’m glad you take me for granted enough to show me now what kind of man I almost let possess me. Go chasing after hookers and spinning-girls and whores: forget Sulpicia, daughter of Servius. But I have friends who care, and who will spare no pains to see that no cheap tart humiliates me. Suplicia- Corpus... Continue Reading →

Reading list and Selkie Ritz

I love reading, when I can actually get the chance! This time I have 2 books. The first A Fatal thing happened on the way to the forum. The second Confronting  the Classics Now if I can actually read them that would be great!   I have attempted to read these books several times.These are... Continue Reading →

Cupid and psyche

Well we’ll well here we are. Another Valentine’s Day. 🤮🤢Sorry, read here to understand why I hate it. Doesn’t mean you have to hate it. Anyways, as promised here is the story of Cupid and his love of Psyche. Honestly it is my fave story of mythology. Well, along with Sekhmet going nuclear and them... Continue Reading →

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