Pretty things and butterfly wings.

I love my Selkie In the Clouds Maxi dress. It is all the pretty things and butterfly wings! This dress is one of my faves and YES I wear it A LOT. So you may get tired of seeing this one, until I get my new pink Selkie Dress. Then you will see that one... Continue Reading →

This old pink maxi dress

I got this old pink maxi dress 3 years ago. It was on Nordstrom rack and super inexpensive. I bought it on a late night bender with my then newborn E. Got to love that getting up every 2 hours and such.Anyways,it came in and at first I was scared on how it would look... Continue Reading →

Lavender dreams

I love a good skirt. A flown skirt that you can twirl in is something I just adore! This one I bought from Shein as part of my spring and summer wardrobe revamp.It is stretchy and has a mix of chiffon and lace paneling. Which makes it more of a romantic cottage core like style/... Continue Reading →

Renting Givenchy with Vivrelle .

This is my third month renting a bag with Vivrelle (not sponsored) . Last two times were gorgeous Gucci marmonts bags. This time though I rented a bag I have wanted to for a few years. A Givenchy Antagona . Yes. Vivrelle made the bag possible for me, a peasant. The Givenchy Antagona I rented... Continue Reading →

Ella and Mila Vegan polish

I was out shopping with my littles, I haven’t been out in a while tbh. And saw these 2 little polishes, a grey and a silver glitter. I knew I needed them. I haven’t painted my nails on a whim in a long time because the damn stuff doesn’t stay on! But, I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Pacifica vegan polish

Ok I think I have found another polish that stays on!This Vega and cruelty free polish is by Pacifica! Pacifica also makes other stuff like makeup, body, and hair products. I have used their makeup, eyeshadow and lip products before. I loved my palette, but my kids decided to destroy it! Anyways, how I ended... Continue Reading →

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