Wearing fake leather leggings at size 12.

I am a joggers kind of girl, with my body looking like a lump to me it is hard for me to wear leggings. I am a size 12, this is the biggest I have ever been in my life. Ok, except for when I was pregnant, that does not count. So, here I am... Continue Reading →

New dress , by Shein

I got a new dress a little bit ago. A new dress by Shein. Currently though you will be seeing me in jams because I am currently sick. My family is still sick too. Ultimately, I fear I will have to go get another Covid test. Al of us,save for my 3 yr old are... Continue Reading →

Blog advice for instagram

Ok, deep breath…alright here we go. Today, I have received nothing but those damn ambassadors shit. you know the kind, hey girl we follow your Instagram (they don’t) and want to work you as an ambassador for a collaboration! I’m telling you the pitches are all the damn same! Three free, I am sorry “free”... Continue Reading →

Just a dress by Staud

My second rent the runway shipment came in, and part of that was a dress by Staud. The colors are what drove me to the dress. It is so pretty and bold, Yes, it is fall but here in Florida it is still summer. So bold colors are still as much of a thing as... Continue Reading →

Selkie Gingham maxi skirt

So, I bought a Selkie maxi skirt! I have a bit of a Selkie obsession. To say I didn’t would be a grave miscalculation. I adore this brand. ADORE! The clothes are so beautiful and well made. They are just a dream to wear. This gingham maxi skirt is so beautiful. It has an elastic... Continue Reading →

The matching set by Chicwish

I don’t always like showing off my belly. My mom bod, my tum tum, my blerb belly.And after wearing a crop top before I just didn’t feel comfortable or rather didn’t like how it all looked together. But with this, this outfit, which the set is by CHICWISH(not sponsored I just like this brand) I... Continue Reading →

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