You don’t need permission to wear the dress

This is like my fourth dress from Selkie. I swear I am obsessed with this puffy girly brand. One thing I hear a lot wearing fancy stuff like this, although I don’t consider it so, is I don’t have anywhere to wear it to. As if you need permission to even wear it at home... Continue Reading →

1 shirt dress and 2 outfits.

Ok, I wore this dress already in this post here. But, I wanted to quickly show it again for this post. I purchased this shirt dress from SHEIN along with the skirt. And I love it! Well both, I love both Items. Get it right Stephanie. Get it right. Although I have not worn either... Continue Reading →

Questionable Fashion choices

So, this morning, after being up all night with a very wiggly 3 year old, I finally just peeled myself out of bed to go sit with my not-so-well 8 year old. He has a sinus infect, nasty ear infection, and I think bronchitis. The allergies are playing a havoc on his body. Anyways, getting... Continue Reading →

Pretty in purples

So, While I am down from the shot I figured I could try and write up a bit. Even though I am having trouble making the words. I don’t know but the writers block is real today. I guess I can do the fashion blogger thing. I can write about the outfit. So, I know... Continue Reading →

Lavender dreams

I love a good skirt. A flown skirt that you can twirl in is something I just adore! This one I bought from Shein as part of my spring and summer wardrobe revamp.It is stretchy and has a mix of chiffon and lace paneling. Which makes it more of a romantic cottage core like style/... Continue Reading →

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