Covid recovery life.

My whole family has had Covid again, and now after we all are better it’s time to go into recovery. What to do now that we are all better? Well, time to go into the Covid recovery life. First thing is to wash all the bedding in the house. Wash and sanitize all the pillows,... Continue Reading →

Health battles and weight

I know what you are thinking, Ugh more weight talk again.And I would have to say yes. More weight talk. Health battles and weight. It is important and it may help someone who struggles like I do! I struggle with my weight. As I have mentioned many times before on this blog. This time is... Continue Reading →

Matched set by SHEIN

Ok, So as you can see this is about a matched set by Shein. YEP. Exciting right? Sure is boy howdy. Not really though. Anyways, there is something to be said though about matching sets. Think about it, as a kid it was easy to get dressed. As an adult it takes the guess word... Continue Reading →

Check out my Pajamas.

I went to the store to grab fresh fruits for my boys, I felt I was being stared at. Could be the fact I had no makeup on and I looked like this Or maybe the fact I had pajamas on. Yup, I woke up late had less than 4 minutes to be out the... Continue Reading →

The most fashionable mouse.

Ok, So I guess it is Minnie Mouse week. Because Most of the looks I have shot for the blog this week are Minnie Mouse based. Not dressed like her but rather she is on tees or pants or sweaters. Thus Minnie Mouse week.YEah, and I am not sad about it. Minnie Mouse is a... Continue Reading →

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