Why we get mad when cleaning.

Ok, it is time for some relationship advice and things like that. And one thing, that is something I see a lot of reels on or memes of is cleaning. The status being "anyone else get mad at everyone in the house when you start cleaning?" The answer is in short, yes. Especially, for moms.... Continue Reading →

Got my booster shot. Pfizer

Got my booster shot for covid. Pfizer. And before any antivax bull crap is commented let it be known I believe in ScIENCE and I believe vaccines are for the greater good. If you disagree, fine but take that shit elsewhere. Not wanted around here. Ok. Now that several people have clicked away because of... Continue Reading →

Styling those Compression socks.

Ok, So I am one of many lucky people that have the pleasure of needing to wear compression socks. I was supposed to wear them years and years ago, but just could not make myself do it. I thought they were ugly, and they were. Still many are. But then I decided that I really... Continue Reading →

Slipped through the cracks

This is not an easy post to write. Not because I have writer’s block or anything. No nothing like that. It is because I need to share something important. Something that honestly most would say to me “yeah right...I don’t buy it.” I am a late diagnosed autistic woman. Yep. Wow. That felt good to... Continue Reading →

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