A Hedy Lamarr moment in Fanciful Doll

I got this dress from Fanciful Dolls this summer. Was meant for my birthday party dinner that I was planning for the Edison back in June. But low and behold we all got Covid again right before. And we were all sick at that time. I put the dress up in my closet, disappointed that... Continue Reading →

Masquerade princess Barbie

  Ok, So when shopping for my son's birthday wall decor I saw this mask and immediately knew how I was going to style it.  I had to have it's glittery beautiful mask of goodness. The mask was inspiring me to do a more creative shoot. Masquerade Princess Barbie. Yeah, or Ariel which ever you... Continue Reading →

Happy Lupercalia

  OK, so here we are going on our 3rd year of a Covid Valentines day. But you know, gotta make due. Right? Anyways, I am taking a step away from the awwww look flowers blah and going into the history of Valentine's Day. Or, as the Ancient Romans called it, Lupercalia. So, what is... Continue Reading →

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