Dealing with disapproval while having Trichotillomania

I have trichotillomania which is a shit disorder where you pull out your hair and it isn’t a fun thing to have. You get bald patches. It affects you mental state. It can drive others around you nuts due to their lack of understanding or whatever. And that is where this post takes me well,... Continue Reading →

How social media has helped me.

Hey friends, I had the most exhausting day. Most exhausting. First the day started out with my oldest appointment with ot then my youngest. Both my boys are autistic. And today I had appointments for me as well for my own mental health You see I struggle with many things and while I am not... Continue Reading →

More health woes.Yellow shadow

I thought I was done. Thought that I could be off antibiotics for a bit. And then it happened again. Another Uti and probably a start of another kidney infection. Freaking A! I thought I was better for now. After being on the mend from a kidney infection and all that. I was feeling great... Continue Reading →

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