When your trichotillomania gets bad during a sickness

I have bronchitis again. And a nasty ear infection as well as sinus infection. Goodness. And When I get sick a lot of things happen. First off the house explodes because no one can lift a finger to help clean. Ever. And also my trichotillomania gets super bad. So today is all about when your... Continue Reading →

Living in loungewear.

I have been reaching for the loungewear lately. Once again recovering from Covid-19. So I have been reaching for loungewear. I swear this is a never ending fight. And when one thing get better others get worse. For example, my arms tend to go numb still, no blood clots. But they feel like there is... Continue Reading →

Got my booster shot. Pfizer

Got my booster shot for covid. Pfizer. And before any antivax bull crap is commented let it be known I believe in ScIENCE and I believe vaccines are for the greater good. If you disagree, fine but take that shit elsewhere. Not wanted around here. Ok. Now that several people have clicked away because of... Continue Reading →

Adhd and me

I was recently diagnosed with ADHD this summer. It was during my appointment with my psychiatrist with Cerebral. Which is not a bad service it just didn’t work out for me. Lack of privacy at home and all. So, let me talk about adhd and me. And how it affects my life. Now , before... Continue Reading →

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