That’s all Folks!

Taking a break from some Mickey Mouse for Bugs Bunny. I love them both.But, yeah Mickey Mouse is something I wear a lot. Anyways, I wish I had more to actually say. I am having a bit of writers block. I guess that happens when you do not go anywhere and never really do anything... Continue Reading →

mom life, It’s like a circus.

Ok, so mom life. It’s like a circus. It is a constant juggling act or trapeze act. A strongman act or magician act. Having kids is like being an acrobat doing tricks without a safety net. Especially when they are both special needs.One we are still waiting to get him tested for Autism although it... Continue Reading →

Summer vibes and other stories.

I wish I had a more interesting title for this blog post. But I really don’t I have a lot going on and this whole blog is keeping me sane. Especially now that I am starting over with the Autism diagnosis process for my child. Not my oldest, he was diagnosed at like 18 months?... Continue Reading →

The butterfly dress.

I got the butterfly dress on! Finally. I got this dress about what....a year ago? Has it been a year? Wait a sec let me check my order history with Shein. OK, it just feels that long. I got this dress back in September? Which doesn’t seem right but I guess it was. I guess... Continue Reading →

Renting Givenchy with Vivrelle .

This is my third month renting a bag with Vivrelle (not sponsored) . Last two times were gorgeous Gucci marmonts bags. This time though I rented a bag I have wanted to for a few years. A Givenchy Antagona . Yes. Vivrelle made the bag possible for me, a peasant. The Givenchy Antagona I rented... Continue Reading →

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