Edwardian inspired dress not Victorian

I got this dress a bit ago from a shop I follow on instagram. And it is such a pretty Edwardian styled dress. I just love wearing it! Funny thing I started to write this up yesterday, and then got sidetracked by kids and their appointments. Such is mom life and what not. Now the... Continue Reading →

Selkie Fall/winter 2021

I absolutely love my Selkie puff dress. The whimsical puffy fanciness of it. Yeah a bit extra of course for an every day outfit, but then if you need a reason to wear anything you might as well just live in joggers. Which I do. And honestly, I am sick of it. OK maybe not... Continue Reading →

Ok wont wear that again.

Ever look at an outfit online on a storefront and thing wow, that is so cute! I will look amazing in this! It gets to you in the mail and then you try it on. It still looks gosh darn fab! That is until you wear it in public. You wear it in public and... Continue Reading →

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