Halloween shirt. Looking for a new Disney loungefly bag for the holidays.

Funny how sometimes an outfit you think isn’t the best turns out to be a good one. This outfit was one of those . One of those MEH outfits. And yet was super comfy and ended up being cute. Funny how perception of things change when we view them in a different light. I got... Continue Reading →

Spooky Season. The real Dracula.

Well it would not be Halloween or spooky season without talking about Dracula. Would it? So many movies, tv shows, video games and tales have been about Dracula. He is one of the symbols of Halloween and always at every monster mash. But what if I told you he was based off a real person?... Continue Reading →

Witchy woman

Hey friends. Got a new shirt and love it! Can you believe it is October? I can’t! It is crazy, it feels like the year is dragging and yet not. It that makes sense. I know it kind of doesn’t. This tee speaks to me so much! Witchy woman! I am who I am. And... Continue Reading →

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