2021 Regency wear. Brock collection.

Before you ask, no I have not watched Bridgerton. Believe me I tried to watch it. And nope I just couldn’t get into it. Nope not for me. And the outfits are amazing from the instagram mentions but not so accurate in areas. But then, neither is this dress by Brock collection. No not this... Continue Reading →

Selkie Renoir sky puff dress

I love this dress. And although i still feel like GArbage I wanted to wear this dress! Although, thanks to Prednisone, I am swelling again. I don’t think I am getting better and it sucks. Anyways, I love this dress and it is so beautiful . What I also like is that Selkie supports women... Continue Reading →

Pink hair pink dress

I am recycling pictures from outfits that were at one point from my last blog.The outfit photos were shot in January of this year.This dress was beautiful cute pink print dress with Egyptian revival print. I had pink hair pink dress. The dress was rented from Rent the Runway, and I actually only wore it... Continue Reading →

Selkie Fall/winter 2021

I absolutely love my Selkie puff dress. The whimsical puffy fanciness of it. Yeah a bit extra of course for an every day outfit, but then if you need a reason to wear anything you might as well just live in joggers. Which I do. And honestly, I am sick of it. OK maybe not... Continue Reading →

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