Weird historical views on women’s health

With so many things for us being on the ballots that effect our rights basically as humans. Our uteruses on debate by men who have no right to . However, it may not surprise you or maybe it will that this is nothing new when it comes to women’s health . I will start off... Continue Reading →

Mythical Monday, the Unicorn

The unicorn, who hasn’t seen a unicorn somewhere? Not in the actual sense but you know we see it all over as decor and toys and styles with colorful hair. Welcome to mythical Monday! Let’s take a look at the Unicorn. The unicorn was a symbol of purity. And yes, the church had a lot... Continue Reading →

A little bit cottage core

I made this pair of stays a bit ago and since I haven’t worn them in awhile I figured it would be a great time to bring them back out and wear them with my other Selkie dress. A whole cottage core style. I normally do more of a princess core style and bits of... Continue Reading →

Selkie Renoir sky puff dress

I love this dress. And although i still feel like GArbage I wanted to wear this dress! Although, thanks to Prednisone, I am swelling again. I don’t think I am getting better and it sucks. Anyways, I love this dress and it is so beautiful . What I also like is that Selkie supports women... Continue Reading →

Selkie Gingham maxi skirt

So, I bought a Selkie maxi skirt! I have a bit of a Selkie obsession. To say I didn’t would be a grave miscalculation. I adore this brand. ADORE! The clothes are so beautiful and well made. They are just a dream to wear. This gingham maxi skirt is so beautiful. It has an elastic... Continue Reading →

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