Still sick with Covid. Day 6

This sucks so bad. This is my second time with Covid and I hate it as much as the first time. I am fully vaccinated and I am such if I hadn’t been I would be in the hospital. I have hives and I am swollen. I have aches and pains and the lovely cough.... Continue Reading →

New found Plant lady.

Hello my friends, I have been working a lot n myself lately. I think, honestly, we all have this year. I mean since 2020 was just a bust and 2021 is better.....ish? I mean we have vaccines now. Anyways, a lot of self help been going on. And self reflection and self this and self... Continue Reading →

Ah being home. Nothing like it. And while I love being home amongst my kids, hubby, and cats, oh and crystals. I also can not wait for things to become normal. Or ok, more normal. It is so hard to imagine what life will be like on the other side of this pandemic. Sure many... Continue Reading →

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