Goddess mode

  Goddess mode is on! This dress is now fitting!!! I guess I lost weight? I have no idea how... but I did. Well exercise maybe? Or maybe I am finally stabilizing from my meds being right? Anyways I felt like a goddess in this. And then I had a sleep study and turned into... Continue Reading →

The dresses that didn’t fit

I am so disappointed right now. The dresses didn’t fit. The new dresses I just bought do not fit or at least one doesn’t . You can only imagine what that done to my self esteem. It has knocked it right into the trash bin. I tried different bras I tried different methods. Even had... Continue Reading →

Dislikes of Valentine’s Day.

If there was a holiday where I could skip it due to every year of disappointment since childhood it would be this pain of holiday. A holiday that makes it even worse with social media being involved. As a kid, every year was a stressful anxiety filled day. First buying the cardsand then labeling them.... Continue Reading →

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