Be unique. Be you. be unapologetic.

Self expression is something we tend to embrace as adults. Being unique is something we want everyone to embrace. But as kids it was not always like that. You had to be like everyone else. Gods forbid if you were not. If you didn’t act like everyone else, dress like everyone else, talk like everyone... Continue Reading →

How social media has helped me.

Hey friends, I had the most exhausting day. Most exhausting. First the day started out with my oldest appointment with ot then my youngest. Both my boys are autistic. And today I had appointments for me as well for my own mental health You see I struggle with many things and while I am not... Continue Reading →

Moving past body dysmorphia

Outfit: top Target //Pants asos //sweater asos //bag Gucci (rented) //shoes Shein Ok, so here is the deal, I amongst other crap have a bit of body dysmorphia. I never see the good. I only ever see flaws. From the hair on my head which is worse there thanks to my trichotillomania, to my mum... Continue Reading →

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