Bouncing back from project rejection as an influencer.

Ah bouncing back from project rejection as an influencer, that is the subject of today’s blog post. There are two things I hate hearing as a blogger, influencer and no to pitches. It is hard to hear no from brands. Especially brands you love and use.What hurts even more is when you never hear back.... Continue Reading →

Blog advice for instagram

Ok, deep breath…alright here we go. Today, I have received nothing but those damn ambassadors shit. you know the kind, hey girl we follow your Instagram (they don’t) and want to work you as an ambassador for a collaboration! I’m telling you the pitches are all the damn same! Three free, I am sorry “free”... Continue Reading →

Instagram change strike again

As if things with instagram wasn’t hard enough. You know trying to grow your brand or business. Getting people to actually see your content is a royal pain in the butt. And it is getting harder and harder. Instagram had to go and do it again. Instagram changes strike again! So what in the hell... Continue Reading →

How social media has helped me.

Hey friends, I had the most exhausting day. Most exhausting. First the day started out with my oldest appointment with ot then my youngest. Both my boys are autistic. And today I had appointments for me as well for my own mental health You see I struggle with many things and while I am not... Continue Reading →

Rethinking the blog and Instagram

It has been a hot minute. Been trying to find my place in the blogosphere and Instagram. My goodness or my goodness. My original account on instagram was put in jail or instagram purgatory. Why? Who knows, they claim I use bots. I don’t. I know people do to get ahead and buy those followers.... Continue Reading →

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