Perfectly imperfect|| green shirt dress by Shein

I am not usually one to wear a dress like this anymore. I am so self conscious that I feel like I am not allowed. Sounds ridiculous right? Because it is. It is ridiculous to think of it that way. Am I right? We tend to focus on all the bad when it comes to... Continue Reading →

Happy St Patrick’s day!

Through doing my own research on Ancestry, found some Irish roots there. But, we can go ahead and talk some history and facts about St Patrick’s day. I’ll link to products used at the bottom. It is actually a day in observance of Saint Patrick’s death. C.385-461c Saint Patrick was the foremost patron Saint in... Continue Reading →

Masquerade princess Barbie

  Ok, So when shopping for my son's birthday wall decor I saw this mask and immediately knew how I was going to style it.  I had to have it's glittery beautiful mask of goodness. The mask was inspiring me to do a more creative shoot. Masquerade Princess Barbie. Yeah, or Ariel which ever you... Continue Reading →

Must have spooky nails

OK, It is that time of year again! I know it is seemingly early for holidays but the last two years or going on two years are absolutely shit. We need some goodness. And while I USED to be all separate holidays. I am not like that now. Funny how things like kids and pandemic... Continue Reading →

Cutest packages and products. Winky lux

I am always looking for new products to share. Things that are cruelty free and possible vegan. And I love when these products have beautiful packaging and products are good! Winky Lux has some beautiful packaging. It’s products are also cute and you can buy at Target! A store we all pretty much live at.Tell... Continue Reading →

Rose Quartz

I have this thing for rocks. And have a thing for the color pink. Shocker I know since I don’t wear it all that often. Hmm. Anyways,I was inspired by the stone to do a makeup look surrounding around the stone. For centuries, people have had crystals. Either for jewelry or for healing purposes, magic,... Continue Reading →

Recent Ulta buys.

First off, I tried to go to Ulta without my littles. That worked so well. Honestly, it didn’t. I took them along for my errand of new shampoo for my husband and I. We both use different kinds as we oth have different needs for our hair. I need hydration and frizz control. He need... Continue Reading →

More health woes.Yellow shadow

I thought I was done. Thought that I could be off antibiotics for a bit. And then it happened again. Another Uti and probably a start of another kidney infection. Freaking A! I thought I was better for now. After being on the mend from a kidney infection and all that. I was feeling great... Continue Reading →

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