A side of autism they don’t talk about.

There is a side of autism that they don’t talk about often on social media. People try to paint it as it is all sunshine and butterflies. Reality is having a child with autism or in my case 2 kids, is hard. There is the side of getting the help you need. The programs. The... Continue Reading →

Dream coffee mug and Covid round 2

Dream. ⭐️My birthday gift from hubby, well one of them. He got me another coffee mug and a beautiful giant crape myrtle tree with beautiful planter. Unfortunately, I am still sick with Covid (round 2) and it has been just as bad as the first time. First time I didn’t have the vomiting or spastic... Continue Reading →

When it is a rough day in momville

Lately, things have been just stressful here at home. My oldest boy's dog allergy is not doing too well with the new doggo. He has been more aggressive lately. Which has been an on going issue with his autism,part of the problem is that he is non speaking. Although it is getting better. He is... Continue Reading →

Another Holiday outfit .

Recently, we went to our first tree lighting of the season as a family! It was a fun affair at the Tanger Outlets in Daytona Beach. Santa made an appearance and it was a bit chilly. For Florida it was chilly. I wore this cute and season ready red number rented from Rent The Runway... Continue Reading →

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