Weird historical views on women’s health

With so many things for us being on the ballots that effect our rights basically as humans. Our uteruses on debate by men who have no right to . However, it may not surprise you or maybe it will that this is nothing new when it comes to women’s health .

I will start off by saying through out history health was widely treated by the four humors. Black bile, yellow bile, blood, and phlegm. This was called humorist and was started by Hippocrates. But in ancient Egypt it wasn’t viewed nearly the same. Of course in Egypt women had many more rights than anywhere else.

In Egypt, Imhotep was credited by some scholars to be the one who started documenting medicine. And the goddess of healing and disease believe it or not is Sehkmet. Ancient Egyptians had a vast variety of ways to treat various illnesses and complications. They could also detect pregnancies and intervene if necessary.

And then there is Greece and Rome and the introduction of the four humors.And these bits of medical documents all written by men, and all basically blaming all illnesses when it comes to women on their(you got it ) on their reproductive organs.

Which is something that hangs around for ages.

The Hippocratic Corpus writers indicated that men were more rational than women, and that women’s physiology made them susceptible to problems that would cause symptoms of irrationality. Thus men dominated the profession of physicians, for which they believed women were not suited.

But, there was one time a female doctor, Agnodice (4 thcentury BC) was said by several ancient writers to have been a popular female physician, midwife, and gynaecologist who disguised herself as a man in order to practice as a physician.

Women, were often viewed as second class citizens and no smarter than children. Something I think many men still think and believe today.

Ever hear of the wondering womb? This was an actual thing that men thought was a cause of multiple issues with women from troubles getting pregnant to hysteria.

The wondering womb became a popular diagnosis all in thanks to an English doctor in 1603, Edward Jordan wrote in his book The Suffocation of the Mother.

In another writing by Aretaeus, he wrote that the uterus could move around the body. Translation in 1865 by Francis Adams

“In the middle of the flanks of women lies the womb, a female viscus, closely resembling an animal; for it is moved of itself hither and thither in the flanks, also upwards in a direct line to below the cartilage of the thorax, and also obliquely to the right or to the left, either to the liver or the spleen, and it likewise is subject to prolapsus downwards, and in a word, it is altogether erratic. It delights also in fragrant smells, and advances towards them; and it has an aversion to fetid smells, and flees from them; and, on the whole, the womb is like an animal within an animal”

In medieval times, they believed that the uterus would move around in search of semen. Yeah…..kind of weird and um gross.

Plato, well, he believed that the uterus was fearful of not being pregnant and so it would rummage around the body in search of semen. If the womb went without a child in it for too long, the woman would risk being vexed and fall ill. So, this is why they believed that the uterus would move around the body like a hungry living creature looking for the stuff to give it a baby. If the uterus moved itself into the throat she( the woman) would take Sick and have troubles with a sore throat and loss of voice. If it ended up in the chest or in the lungs, she would have trouble breathing . You get the picture. So how to treat? The medieval doctors would say as well as Plato back before that,would say marriage, intercourse, and having a baby. Or in some instances for unmarried women, a midwife would do vaginal massage.

Also, when it came to menstruation, in the Middle Ages it was viewed as a punishment from god because of Eve’s sin. And so no pain relief was allowed because it was “god’s will”. And menstrual blood was considered corrosive, and could damage a man’s penis on contact. It was also thought to give dogs rabies and a bunch of other weird stuff. This was according to the church.

The logic here is so stupid, I mean so very stupid. But, they really had no clue about a lot when it came to women and our bodies. And honestly, if you see the bullshit some of the men say today, they still don’t.

Thanks for reading.

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