Accidentally cosplayed as the little mermaid.

All I can say is whoops. I accidentally cosplayed as the little mermaid. All I wanted to do was wear my Selkie dress and have fun with my boys. We went to Disney Springs for costumes possibly, and I confused a lot of employees. I also made a lot of little kids’ days. I thought that adding the black hair would offset my now red hair. I once again dyed it red. I prefer it that way. And Splat makes some great cruelty free and vegan hair colors that are not damaging. My color is Midnight Ruby

I guess it is safe to say I failed at my attempts to not look like a princess. I had the crown with me for pictures and yes I do wear royal core. But, I figured having my kids there it wouldn’t look so bad. I was wrong.

I guess lesson learned that day. I’ll probably do it again, I wear these dresses all the time.

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