My skeleton garden

I think my skeleton garden is just growing. What started with a few ponies and foam grave stones has now become a tradition. And a very photogenic spot in my yard. Now if I can settle on where the swing goes. The swing needs to be in a spot where I can see the whole yard and the kids. And I may have found a spot. Truthfully the way our yard is a flat bit is a tad hard to find.

This is supposed to be about my skeleton garden, though and not the swing set which is just a two seater swing. To be quite frank the swing bars need to be a bit further apart to fit the piece better. I may have to concede that frame for my boys and just get one a bit wider. I will have to spray paint it again but hey that is ok.

And for some silly reason I keep getting off track with what this post is about! This should be about my skeletons and the garden to which they sit or stand in! I’m just going all over the place with this!

The thing is I had to move my garden from its original place in front. I caught people trying to steal them in broad daylight and it was not ok.

After that, I had to move the horses to the back yard. And that is how it all started! I wanted a place that was going to be great for pictures! As a style blogger I take a lot of photos, but with high anxiety it is hard for me to be out in public taking photos! I get stopped a lot and or stared at. I feel so weird about it. And this stuff helps me!

I find peace in creating things like this and decorating my house for my favorite holidays!

Wouldn’t you?

The skirt isn’t available anymore btw. But the tee is.

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