Why I hate MLM’s

Why I hate MlM'S

I have several things in life that I hate, one being telemarketers and scammers. The other mosquitos, ticks, love bugs and Florida humidity. Then there is the social media algorithms. And speaking of social media, nothing grinds my gears more than that oh so special “HEY Hun, saw your feed and I think you would be a great addition to my team! Ready to be a boss babe and be your own boss?” WE all know those pitches, pitches from those “Hey Hun” people who you have never met or even haven’t seen in years. It is so annoying, so irritating, and honestly who wants to support pyramid schemes? I don’t.

As the founder of Melalucea said “you start at the bottom of the pyramid as a customer.” And I have stories to tell today of my hatred for the MLM scams. And before anyone says anything, yes, I have been a part of several before in the past. Today, I will tell what happened to me.

When I was 18, I was suckered into what a lot of ex Mary Kay reps call the “pink debt”, a debt where you are convinced by an up line to purchase to have inventory and stock. Which would in turn allow you to get that extra bit of something called commission. Yeah. So, one day I was at work and this woman came in to get something from the store I was working at. I was also going to college at the time too. And she suckered me into going to her house for a makeup lesson(pffft yeah, if you say so) and then I was suckered into being a Mary Kay consultant. I also didn’t have someone doing my makeup, she said she would. No, you are NOT allowed to touch anyone because they are not allowed without a license. She gave me a card that had a face on it, and I had to kinda figure it out on my own. No wonder it looked like shit then.

And if you think it couldn’t get worse, you are wrong. Later, when on the phone with her we did an order for stock. I was at this time an undiagnosed Bipolar 1, autistic teen/adult with ADHD. And I am the perfect shrill for them to recruit. Sad but true.

The makeup is expensive, poor quality, I was allergic, and then I was let loose upon the world with no help from the Up line. And then when I realized what the hell happened, I was blamed by her for not succeeding. And I was blamed by customer service for not being good at what I was doing. And so then, to make something back that I lost, I sold all remaining product on Ebay. I lost that time $600. I have heard of other women loosing much more, for that small dream of the pink car. A pink car with many strings attached.

PS, you can get way better products without supporting a MLM at ULTA and Sephora. Or Target even.

Then I almost got suckered into Party Lite. Which luckily didn’t happen. I was suckered into Melalucea or however the hell you spell it. And after spending $99, for some “concentrated” products and really they were no better than other products. After doing the research you can find better products for much less. And this is something you have to have continuously, as well as recruit your family, and friends, and blah blah blah for this company. For that “residual income” you need to get people to sign up and spend money. You need to get downlines who will be customers, I mean “business owner”.

I quickly left and especially when you find out how the owner feels about the Lgbtq community.

Then Avon, Oh Avon, that $10 and then you get pamphlets, catalogues, not samples, not anything else. You have to spend more for that. And then spend money here and there for this MLM. And there are Avon reps everywhere, so many. You are supposed to come to meetings and meet with other women selling. And I was like yeah nah. I left that.

Youngliving. OH MY LAWD. This one. Just. UGH. I got into this one to help my sister out. I spent money on the starter kit because I wanted an alternative to candles. Then I saw the fact they promote taking drops of essential oils in stuff and no kind of degree in like Science or Chem or Biochem. To really do something like that that is safe. And you can buy other oils cheaper and such on Amazon. There is so much wrong with this MLM that I will post a YouTube who touches on this and doTerra. I never sold anything but when a bottle of Rose oil is almost $100 you kind have to step back and go wtf. And when they”hey hun’s” make unsafe claims how it can cure Autism and PTSD and I am like OK I wasn’t going to sell in the first place but now I don’t want to buy from you all. Oh and only a mere 5% make enough money or any money with this mlm. Which tends to be a theme throughout MLMS

And that is my experience. It all revolves around recruitments, making that downline. Make that money by never making any in return. Spend all this money to go into debt. Ruin relationships and friendships over this. Mlm’s are dangerous. Only 1-5% of people make anything, most work their asses off just to make $1.50 per hour, if that. Is it worth it? You do not OWN SHIT. They own it, you are distributing and are by sense an employee. You should never have to pay to be an employee. You are still selling under their name, using their products, their methods, their payment scales, and their policies. You are just an in-between with no power.

Want to make your own business? Take what you love to do and turn that into profit for yourself! Love sewing? Make things and sell it on Instagram, tiktok, Facebook. Love candles? Learn to make them and sell them. Love essential oils? Find at cost oils from distributors and incorporate them into other things. Love fashion? Skip LuLuRoe and be a fashion influencer without that debt. Sign up for commission based sales with Commission Junction, Rewardstyle, Shopstylecollective, Amazon, etc. It would be so much better than selling your soul to those people who do not care about you, they just care about that wallet.

There are other legit ways to be your own “boss babe”. MlM’s are just not a good way to go. And I know some may attack me for this shit, I fell for the cults too once. But never again. EVER. And I beg you to watch these videos here.

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