Selkie a day!Green goddess.

I have been trying to catch up! Ugh. This is day 3 of being off my adderall and I definitely notice the lack of focus and my adhd being more on the fritz. I lost my list book and my planner in this weird moment of life! My psychiatrist was on vacation when I ran out of meds and since it is a “controlled substance” I have to call it in myself to have it filled. So I have to contact the psych and then they contact the pharmacist who then fills it and contacts me and this is after they contact the insurance to see if it is still covered because insurance and medical shit in the USA is a holy piece of fetid garbage. I wish I was kidding. And so by the time I get my adderall when I am out, I am out by 5 days or more. And yes I know I should fill it sooner. But, in my psycho defense I have so much going on that I have no time to even think about me.

I get put on the back burner. Quite often. It sucks but this is how it is.

I wish my life were as care free as I make it seem in these pictures. These Selkie green goddess dresses and casualness of a simple life. My life as it were is anything but simple.

I hope you have a brilliant day! And I have started a GoFundMe to keep things rolling. I guess someone like me doesn’t get much collaborations and sponsors as many bloggers and “influencers” do and I am accepting that,slowly. I don’t fit into their perfect mold of what a perfect human being is. It is also why I attach links to what o wear. It helps!

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