A Hedy Lamarr moment in Fanciful Doll

I got this dress from Fanciful Dolls this summer. Was meant for my birthday party dinner that I was planning for the Edison back in June. But low and behold we all got Covid again right before. And we were all sick at that time. I put the dress up in my closet, disappointed that I was unable to wear it as I had wanted. Life sucks sometimes you know?

But recently, I was thinking about Hedy Lamarr after watching some Drunk History and the 1930’s version of Marie Antoinette when I remembered this glorious star dress she(Lamarr) wore in Ziegfried Girl. It is iconic and a show stopper dress. What else should we expect for one of the smartest women scientists. Hedy escaped the Nazi’s and invented the systems for signal hopping frequency that we now use for Wi-Fi,Bluetooth, and GPS. She filed for a patent and 2,292,387 in August of 1942 she got that patent. However, the US military would not use her proposed ideas and she went on to sell war bonds by using her celebrity. The thing about Hedy is that she was a student of science even while acting. She would have spaces for her to do her tinkering and creating. And she made ways to make the stop light better and even at one point made a tablet that dissolved in water that made it taste like Cola or better. Sadly her patent for the tech she created would expire and she would never see a dime from it. It wasn’t until Lamarr’s later years that she received any awards for her invention. The Electronic Frontier Foundation jointly awarded Lamarr and Antheil with their Pioneer Award in 1997. And then in 2014 Hedy Lamarr was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for the development of her frequency hopping technology. She sadly passed away 14 years before this in 2000, still she was given the name of “mother of Wi-Fi” . But Hedy Lamarr was more than a pretty face of Hollywood. She was way more. She was a scientist, a scholar, and an actress.

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