Read a book a month?!

Believe it or not I used to be somewhat of an avid reader. Like most things with my adhd brain when that happens I am all in or I am all out. And lately it has been hard to settle my head long enough to read ANYTHING. Been trying to read this book since I got it before summer and I have yet to get past chapter one.

Why? Life? Kids? Anxiety? Stress? Adhd or autism? No time?

I love to read, I love to turn pages, I adore how a book smells. But when I can not actually read or sit still long enough. It makes it hard and then I feel guilty for reading instead of watching what my kids are doing or being constantly available for them or my spouse.

A phone makes it easier to stop and go. Instagram doesn’t require much thought. The mom guilt is real friends

Yes, I feel bad for taking time to read. For all of those reasons. All of them. Wish I didn’t but I do. Why though?

I’ll tell you.

My mom always had her nose in a book. A trashy romance novel. You know the ones with The dude with the long hair or whatever his shirt open to reveal the bare chest. The woman with her dress down over her shoulders etc. You know the ones. Anyways, it always made it feel like she was unreachable when she was reading. Like if you interrupted her it was a death sentence, so I just minded myself. Forever.

Yeah. And maybe that is why.

It makes sense.

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