Sneaking in some yard work.

No Selkie dress was harmed in the process of sneaking in some yard work. I recently went to Home Depot to get some final barriers for my roses and got side tracked by these pink beauties. The butterflies love them too! Anyways, found the perfect spot for them and it was time to plant but first I needed some photos of this dreamy dress.

Selkie day dresses are the perfect dress for you if you love the Selkie dresses but feel the puff ones are too much gown for you. These cotton comfies are the next best thing then! It has the right amount of “puff” for your stuff! That was horrible pun. But, I think you get what I mean. The sleeves have a slight poof to them the dress is more fitted and yet still gives room. The Selkie day dress is a cottage core dream!

I am obsessed with Selkie in general but also this day dress. I will have to add more next round of dress purchases!

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