Crown me queen of uncomfortable moments

It isn’t so much that I am just in general a socially awkward individual. But, rather You should crown me queen of uncomfortable moments. All thanks to my weird functioning mom body.

When we choose to become mothers we don’t always think of what happens to our bodies after a couple of kids. Ok wait we do think of the “bounce back” thanks to media and shit. But medically we don’t think about things like “hey if I cough too much or sneeze too hard I will pee my pants.” We don’t always think about that. We also don’t realize just how weird things are for us right after birth. The blood and the pain. The dripping and drooping. The sleeplessness and depression. The fact we can only clean ourselves with a tiny ass squirt bottle and wear a diaper for blood containment.

But our bladders and pelvic floors go wonky and we pee our pants so easily now. Achoo makes any woman who has CHOSEN to have a couple of kids cringe like “oh I know what just happened!”

Time to change your underwear, you better have a change of clothes in the car. It once happened to me in a Target. I was not close to home and also had another UTI. I have bladder reflux. So I had to buy underwear and some joggers. Just so I could make it home. The embarrassment although because it wasn’t a lot I was able to get the thing I needed and go. It can be a trickle or a flood. You just never know. And if on your period, it becomes a guessing game of name the wetness!

Yuck and sad all at once. And should be talked about more than it is. We go through so much as women, so much. But are expected to keep on going no matter what.

We often are called the weaker sex, but men get taken down to nothing by a simple cold. Meanwhile we have to keep going through excruciating pain and such 1 week every month. And we have to keep going sick or not. Down with Covid? Nope you get up and clean! Still sick nope you need to take care of everything and everyone first before you lay on the couch wishing the grim reaper would take you now. Covid sucks and it hurts! And ugh!

Motherhood. It’s something.

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