Covid recovery life.

My whole family has had Covid again, and now after we all are better it’s time to go into recovery. What to do now that we are all better? Well, time to go into the Covid recovery life.

First thing is to wash all the bedding in the house. Wash and sanitize all the pillows, this includes from the couch and all bedrooms. I use the Lysol laundry sanitizer along with the Tide Original detergent.

And I then go and Lysol the beds, the couches, the door handles, and light switches. I clean the bathrooms with bleach and Lysol. We mop the floors with sanitizers. I also get rid of everyone in the house’s toothbrushes. Which I replaced with other new tooth brushes.

All pajamas each night when we were sick were placed into the laundry to be sanitized. The cats’ litter box cleaned and sanitized every day. Especially after Grinch got Covid too. The cats’ beds were also sanitized along with their toys.

After having Covid it is important to also sanitized and clean the inside of the car. Clean and sanitize toys for the kids as well.

It’s ok to let stuff go and replace later if you feel it is needed.

If you need motivation go watch hoarders.


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