Dream coffee mug and Covid round 2

Dream. ⭐️
My birthday gift from hubby, well one of them. He got me another coffee mug and a beautiful giant crape myrtle tree with beautiful planter. Unfortunately, I am still sick with Covid (round 2) and it has been just as bad as the first time. First time I didn’t have the vomiting or spastic colon. This time…Holy Hera…. I just can’t. I am trying to drink coffee today because my throat hurts from hacking and snoring. I am so tired. So very weak. I can’t walk around much without feeling like I’m going to fall over. My skin even hurts!!! To the touch, clothing touching it, air touching it.. and my four year old needed my comfort last night and it was so unbearable I started to cry. He is still recovering too. Evenings are the worst for him. My cat is better today(he had Covid too) and my oldest is going through the random funk moments as is the husband.
I can at least taste and smell. Not that it matters, can’t keep anything in anyways. Emetrol and Dramamine nausea for the win. Dramamine is a great substitute for Zofran (it’s not as strong, but it works) sorry there hasn’t been much fashion content . I will probably be posting pictures of outfits I have worn previously. I am hoping right now my kidneys behave and my heart does not go stupid. And trying to keep the older cat isolated a bit so she doesn’t get it is easy when she is like meh anyways to all of us 😂

Even the cat has it this time around. He was so sick. Your dogs and cats can catch Covid. So be careful. Cats are more susceptible to catching Covid-19 than dogs. Symptoms range from fever, grumpiness(especially if out of the normal), diarrhea, sneezing and coughing, lack of appetite, lethargic, pains, runny noses. If the cat gets worse call your vet and try to do a televisit. I got this info from the CDC. Btw. He is doing better, he is eating and drinking more. Last night he started to play again. And he isn’t grumpy. But if your cat catches it isolate as best you can from other pets. Once they are done being sick give them a nice bath and clean all of their toys and bedding. I’m going to throw out the cardboard scratchers and get new ones. Lysol has a sanitizer laundry detergent I suggest getting. Do not use anything citrus based on cat stuff. Please.

Grinch was really not well this day.

I hope you all stay safe, and if you test positive for Covid STAY THE FUCK HOME!!!! My husband’s coworker tested positive and went to work. Thinking that if everyone else wore a mask it would be fine. Like no…ugh. So yeah,STAY THE FUCK HOME!!!

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