Managing my adhd

Adhd,oh glorious adhd. How fun is it to be constantly distracted and up and down. But there are things that I do now to manage my adhd. So, let’s talk about managing my adhd.

So, I am finally getting my adhd managed. I finally am getting the medication part figured out. And the other bits are keeping on task. Which means paper planners and notebooks.

Planners remind me of bills due and appointments. It reminds me of important dates a lot better than the phone ones.which you may be different and that is ok. But, having a paper planner just makes more sense for me. I have to write it.

And the last bit is something I wish I started sooner! A freaking notebook to take notes. Well, not notes. I make to do lists! I do the things on the list and mark them off. So, pick out a book that speaks to you and write down daily tasks. Anything not done move to the next day. Put things that are every day on the top. Like brush teeth,feed kids, feed pets, do dishes, etc. And then add other things . It helps me keep to task and not be as distracted.

Now, I know it doesn’t help everyone. But, I am giving it a good try. I need to. Doesn’t mean this tactic will work for you .

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