A mom’s life

Body suit// shorts//shoes //bag

Love this outfit, I was at first on the fence over the bodysuit. But it is actually really comfy. Worn with a pair of shorts that is part of a 3-pack.

A mom’s life, it is summer and for a lot that means the kids are at home or summer camp. It also means hot freaking weather and your legs stick to the seats.

For many you get to sleep in later. Not this mom. This one is still up at the buttcrack of dawn. It is a constant, therapy and more therapy for my boys. Still I try to find time to squeeze fun in.

I like to take them on adventures and let them play while I take blog photos. They seem to like that! And have to get in the fun too. Which I love!

And this little booger needs a haircut. But that will be another story.

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