When it is a rough day in momville

Lately, things have been just stressful here at home. My oldest boy’s dog allergy is not doing too well with the new doggo. He has been more aggressive lately. Which has been an on going issue with his autism,part of the problem is that he is non speaking. Although it is getting better. He is talking more and more, and as long as we keep up with DuoLingo he does better and better. Speaking of Duolingo, I need to get back into it myself for Latin and French. I also want to relearn Spanish.

My day started out bad from the start. I woke up late, being that I didn’t sleep well the night before. I was in pain from exercise and cleaning. Then my 4yr old was in bed with us, he has apnea and I know it is acting up again. He was snoring and wheezing all night. And so, I was not in good shape starting the day. I made some coffee, had to go to the bathroom and the child of 4 years decided to become a world class shelf climber. He scaled the shelves to get the sugar and the honey. Put them both in bowls of water. He made a huge sticky mess. I had to give him a bath, and that made him scream and cry. The crying upset the oldest boy and he was then screaming. The dog was in the middle of it all and the cats were yelling at me. I had to get the kid out of the tub dressed and then walk away. I was yelling at everyone, soon, I realized I needed to calm myself.

Went into the closet and began to scream to let out the anguish and rage. I emerged to put on my makeup. Getting dressed was not an easy task for someone who has kids that are autistic. Both my boys are on different  tibituaries on the river. Still they have a lot of needs. My oldest at 9 needs to be taught more patience and not use angry hands. My youngest is 4 and is well 4.

I got us out the door and to the store. We bought things for the beach this weekend. However, with the tropics being stupid, we are probably going to be stuck indoors with each other again. We got home after a fun time out, and got into more fights over water play. “Lunch is first.” I kept telling them. My littlest got the hint, the oldest did not transition to lunch. He could not switch the gears over. So, I got the brunt of a micro meltdown. He is a sweet boy, I love him to pieces, and I know this is just a small set back in the grand scheme of things. We will get through this. I then had to use the bathroom once again bad all of the sudden. It was out of no where. I just got over a kidney infection again. I didn’t make it. How embarrassing. Then I realized after changing and cleaning up myself. The dog was still sticky from E’s water mess. I had to wash her, but the soap exploded all over me. I wanted to cry. I wanted to scream again. It was not a good day. And then I decided dinner was take out and I was going to sit and relax. No more cleaning. No laundry. I can’t . The evening has been good so far. Relaxing. Peaceful.

The I love you mommy from my boys, make the bad day go away.

I just need to get some ice cream to finish the good night.

Wearing Shein dress in XL ,shoes in 39, bag bought 2nd hand from Real Real.


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