Weird moms build character

Weird moms build character huh? I am a weird mom, and sometimes I feel I am too weird. Too weird even for the weird parent’s club. I have difficulty making friends and keeping them. I am autistic, ADHD, and Bipolar 1, which makes for one heck of a weird human being. I guess it does anyways. I over share, I talk a lot or too little, I info dump, I retract, I don’t always make eye contact. In fact that was the one thing as a kid I hated doing when my parents yelled at me, EYE FREAKING contact.I always felt like everything would melt away and move far away with eye contact.
weird moms build character
Never the less, I hope I am being a good weird mom for my kids. I hope that my boys appreciate their weird mom when older. I hope that the values respecting women help with that patriarchal nonsense when they get older. That it is ok to cry. Boundaries are a thing, women are not objects or property. Speak out against bullying. To follow their dreams. It is ok to ask for help and directions. It is ok to be sincere as it is to be strong. It is ok to call out family or people who are racist and horrible. It is good to be different.
It is ok to say NO and accept that no means no.
Yes, I know I am weird. Yeah I know it. But my weirdness is building character.


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