Bouncing back from project rejection as an influencer.

Ah bouncing back from project rejection as an influencer, that is the subject of today’s blog post. There are two things I hate hearing as a blogger, influencer and no to pitches. It is hard to hear no from brands. Especially brands you love and use.What hurts even more is when you never hear back.

Oh my sad little self has been blogging since 2009. And I have rebranded a few times. But, I have never ever had the success of some. I feel not good enough or not special enough. No matter how hard I try. It is what I get. I am being myself. But, myself is never what they need or want.

It is hard when you get your pitch ready, send it, and hear “ no sorry” or the worst not hear back at all. And the one thing to keep in mind is that every influencer experiences this. Of the 100’s of pitches they send out probably 20% get back a yes. And of that 20% probably les than half will pay the person for their work. Yes freebies are great especially when starting out, however, it make things difficult when you are trying to get paid and make a living. Or a side hustle. Sorry luvs but you can not pay that bill with clothes and samples.

So, to deal with this, you just need to learn not to take it personally. Hard to do, I know, I have a rough time with this myself.Remember they have businesses to run too. I am honestly say, of the tons of brands I pitch to, I get rejected 100% of the time. But,I just keep trying. That’s all you can do right?

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