Lack of resources for autism

I am not going to sugar coat this, there is a huge lack of resources for kids and adults and teens with autism in Florida. Unless of course you are of the privileged few with a great source of income. You know, money. The resources I am going to complain about here is childcare. Or rather the lack there of. The United States overall has a shit stance on childcare. Now add disability to that. That is when you really see how little care there is for our kids who have autism or other disabilities

Recently as you know if you read my blog, here I had a job interview. I got the job, went to get my background check and all that jazz. But, I still had an issue in taking the job. I had no childcare. None.

So, for a couple of weeks I hunted for a job and also during that time a daycare and place for my oldest too. I have a 9 and 4 yr old. With only what 4 weeks or less of school I didn’t think many places would accept my oldest to school especially that specialize in his needs. I have homeschooled him since the pandemic. Anyways, I needed to still find him something during the summer and his brother too.

The daycares I found that offer things for my boys had waiting lists. The others said we do not care for kids who are autistic and have behavioral problems. He was rejected before even going. Just like that boom, we don’t and we don’t and no we don’t know of anyone else who does. And so for all of that, I had to decline the position I had and stay a stay at home mom. I love my boys, I love being around them. I want them to be socialized and have some time away from me. But, right now, I don’t think that is happening. It sucks. I get why so many families in special needs communities have one stay at home parent.

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