Were there female poets in Rome? Story of Sulpicia.

I’m glad you take me for granted enough to show me now what kind of man I almost let possess me. Go chasing after hookers and spinning-girls and whores: forget Sulpicia, daughter of Servius. But I have friends who care, and who will spare no pains to see that no cheap tart humiliates me. Suplicia- Corpus... Continue Reading →

Weird moms build character

Weird moms build character huh? I am a weird mom, and sometimes I feel I am too weird. Too weird even for the weird parent's club. I have difficulty making friends and keeping them. I am autistic, ADHD, and Bipolar 1, which makes for one heck of a weird human being. I guess it does... Continue Reading →

Selkie dress style I just adore

I love this dress so much! I don’t think you understand how much! Just adore it! One of my fave Selkie gowns if now THE favorite. I honestly never get tired of wearing it. So, I made a necklace inspired by the dress and it’s just so perfect together. Selkie had another grab bag sale... Continue Reading →

Little black dress. Shein curve

I have been accepting my body more and more lately. At least I was until I went to the doctor yesterday and found out that I gained like 20-30 pounds. For the past four weeks I have been sick with kidney problems again. Ugh and medication and not feeling well enough to move was a... Continue Reading →

Feeling like a failure

It is hard being a parent. Let alone being a parent of a child with disabilities. It is really hard, really really hard. Especially when the child also has behavioral disorders. It puts you in a bind, a bind with child care, family functions, friends, no friends, schools. Daycares are not equipped to handle the... Continue Reading →

Reading list and Selkie Ritz

I love reading, when I can actually get the chance! This time I have 2 books. The first A Fatal thing happened on the way to the forum. The second Confronting  the Classics Now if I can actually read them that would be great!   I have attempted to read these books several times.These are... Continue Reading →

Summer dresses 2022.

I absolutely love this dress from Shein! It has that perfect amount of cottage core and yet modern. The right amount of green at the bottom of the dress just make it so much more that that simple white summery dress. Of which I have some to share! I adore this dress! Adore it! And... Continue Reading →

Lack of resources for autism

I am not going to sugar coat this, there is a huge lack of resources for kids and adults and teens with autism in Florida. Unless of course you are of the privileged few with a great source of income. You know, money. The resources I am going to complain about here is childcare. Or... Continue Reading →

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