Perfectly imperfect|| green shirt dress by Shein

I am not usually one to wear a dress like this anymore. I am so self conscious that I feel like I am not allowed. Sounds ridiculous right? Because it is. It is ridiculous to think of it that way. Am I right? We tend to focus on all the bad when it comes to our bodies, we forget all that the body does for us!

I have gained weight. I have had trouble loosing it since my second child. I am on medication that doesn’t help that. My body has carried two kids. I made it through Covid. I have diastasis and you clearly can see that in one of the pictures above. My hair is thinned out due to Covid and meds and my trichotillomania. But I have wigs to help with that. Learning to love myself is hard. Learning to love the body I have now is even harder. I’m not perfect. But I am perfectly imperfect and that is beautiful too!

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