Swimwear when you have self esteem issues

Swimwear when you have self esteem issues

I am not what I used to be. Not some taunt tummied 20 something. Instead I am a soft, squishy woman in the later 30’s. I have a mom belly, the diastasis tummy that has to have surgery to fix. I feel not so great in swimwear, I feel a bit like I am not one who can wear it.

But, then I tried out the Shein Curve, bought some new swimwear. Which I am glad I did!!! Because wow! I felt amazing! I had swimsuits that fit!!!My self esteem went up! I love my new suits!So, the moral is don’t let antiquated body standards ruin your hot girl summer. Celebrate you and buy some suits that fit and look great!!

Here are some cute SHEIN suits!


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