Mom life, it’s ok to feel not ok.

Mama, it is ok to not be ok. We all have those days. I have them too. I think all parents have those days . We strive to be so much for everyone around us. But forget the most important person. Ourselves, we forget us, the moms. Mother’s Day is coming up, and why it is a big deal is that may be the only day we get any kind of recognition for all we do. Which honestly is sad as shit. We do it all only to have our needs and priorities pushed back and back and back. We hope that on Mother’s Day we get remembered, and that it is not only an after thought. Last minute gifts from a hardware store, last minute plans, negating the mom’s wish for going to a restaurant instead of being stuck with dishes. Just because DAD, doesn’t want to be in a busy place and would rather stay home. And yet won’t cook. Mom wants to sleep in but she can’t because the little ones are awake or perhaps the baby needs her. And no one is there to let her sleep those few minutes more. But no one will help. It’s ok to cry, it’s ok to have a hard day. It’s ok to want to be left alone for more than five minutes. It is ok to feel touched out. It is ok to binge watch that true crime stuff. It is ok to eat that whole box of cereal. Straight out of the box, we don’t want to dirty another dish do we?!

You got this mama. You are doing a great job!

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