Dress as you like. Wearing a Selkie dress Happily.

I have been battling with myself over my clothes, since being insulted. And I am so bitter about it still. It just isn’t something you do to someone you love unless you mean to tear them down when they are starting to rise up. I am feeling all sorts of ways about that still. I guess what I am trying to say is, dress as you like. So, here I am wearing a Selkie dress! Happily.

It is hard to be confident in what you are wearing when someone does not want you to experience that happiness. That level of badassness you feel when you wear something that just feels right. But when you have someone who doesn’t get that, someone who doesn’t want you to feel that in your life it can make things hard for your self esteem. Abusers want you to feel less than, they want to cut you down so you don’t know your own worth. The less confident want you to feel like shit with them so they attack your sunshine because their own is dulled out.

I have been going through some soul searching. Trying to figure out myself. I need to be true to me, and not what someone else feels I should be.

Never be someone that you are not to make others happy. Be true to you!


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