Cosiddetta Flora

Ok so I love this tee! I bought from the Museum Pompeii. Off Etsy(I will link to it here and at the end of the post)

I knew I had to have it as I love the painting. And some history behind it. The tee may be white but the actual painting is on a green wall.

So Flora is the Latin goddess of flowers and spring. Her Greek counterpart is Chloris. She is a symbol of nature and flowers. Especially the may-flower. Not the boat but the flowers.

Flora isn’t one of the more major goddesses. But, she is one of many goddesses of fertility and during spring she gains more importance.

Flora is also the goddess of youth,just so you know. She is also one of fifteen goddesses who had their own Flamen, the Floralis. A flamen is designated priest. She also has a festival called Floralia.

Flora’s festival, the Floralia, was held between April 28 and May 3 and symbolized the renewal of the cycle of life, drinking, and flowers.The festival was first instituted in 240 B.C.E, and on the advice of the Sibylline books, Flora was also given a temple sometime in 238 B.C.E. Now at the festival, the men were decked out in flowers, and the women were wearing normally forbidden gay costumes, five days of farces and mimes were enacted – ithyphallic, and including nudity when called for– followed by a sixth day of the hunting of goats and hares.On May 23 a rose festival was held in her honor.

And for those wondering what the hell ithyphallic is, well there were a lot of phallus everywhere. Ithyphallic is a I guess a character with an erect phallus. I mean in Pompeii and Herculaneum there are penis paintings and such EVERYWHERE. We are all mature adults until surrounded by phallus art. Look go watch the show Rome and you will see it .

The painting that this shirt shows is called the Cosiddetta Flora. This beautiful painting is on the green background on the Villa de Arianna in Stabiae (Latin would be pronounced stab eh eye) which is Near Pompeii. It is a 1st century Roman Fresco. I love this bit of ancient art so much.

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