Trying to be body positive in this Shein dress

I will admit, I hate my body. I hate the way it looks, I hate the way I can’t loose weight. I hate that I am so flabby and wiggly. I’m trying to be body positive in this Shein dress. I’m trying. And the dress is so comfortable and soft, like almost velvet. But it is not velvet.

I am trying so hard, but when I look at myself I don’t like what I see. I don’t know if it goes back to being insulted by people in person. Go figure. My trolls are right in front of me or on the phone. Or the diet culture I grew up around. Perhaps it just goes back to the fact I had an eating disorder for so long. I was silently suffering. I work out every day and can’t get back to it. Medications, apnea, blah blah is a major factor.

And with neuropathy wearing heels right now, it hard to do. Because my legs have been shaking. I am trying. I am trying to be better to myself. But it is so damn hard! So hard, I had to unfollow Many fitness accounts. It was not helping me. And I am trying to surround myself with more positivity.

I love this dress. Love the roses and the fabric. The fit is really good too. And super affordable.

You will love it!! I honestly do too even if I think I look awful in it. I just need work on that.


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