When your trichotillomania gets bad during a sickness

I have bronchitis again. And a nasty ear infection as well as sinus infection. Goodness. And When I get sick a lot of things happen. First off the house explodes because no one can lift a finger to help clean. Ever. And also my trichotillomania gets super bad. So today is all about when your trichotillomania gets bad during a sickness.

I normally have no issue grabbing a wig when I know it is bad. But some how, in my head I feel I am not allowed to wear my wigs when I am sick. Goes back to childhood if you can do your hair or get dressed you are fine enough for school. I got nothing to prove now. And also, my husband has made me feel really self conscious about how I look as of late. like I have enough body image issues already but he did not help matters.

He said I look like a clown. And also felt that with my wigs I am trying to be someone I am not. Which I am not, it is to keep my damn hands off my real hair! He doesn’t like my dresses and said I look like a clown. Like wtf. Anyways, so because of that confidence booster I was worried about wear a wig. Even though I really needed to.

Trichotillomania is tricky. It is not a fun mental illness to have. I hate picking at my hair and breaking it and pulling it out. and wearing wigs is how I deal with the pulling and picking. It helps me! And I wish people understood that. I wish that people would accept that. For my real hair to flourish and come back I need the barrier.

It is no different than a pet that wears a cone of shame. The cone keeps them from ripping stitches and the wig keeps me from ripping the hair out of my head!

I wish I had more support with that.

So until then I will support myself in this lonely battle of myself against myself.

Thank you for reading


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