New slime shop!! Lilacsandgooseberry!

So I did it! I opened a slime shop!!! Yes I did! And I am so excited! Haven’t sold anything yet but you know, it may take a bit. Because you know it is hard starting a new business. However, I am not going to give up! I want to have a successful small business!

The slimes we have currently on sale are this one above the mango peach. It is a glitter slime scented with mango and peach. Comes with more glitter and a bit of fruits! It smells so good!

Mermaids cove! This is a butter slime with some glitter mix ins and seashells as well as a mermaid tail. It smells so good . The smell of coconut, so sweet and refreshing! Perfect for this slime!

Lilac and Gooseberry! This slime is a glitter slime scented with a flora scent of lilacs and Gooseberry! It comes with mix ins and also a white unicorn. We are Witcher fans here and hence the shop name and this is our main fragrance. I love it!! I may make rollers of this one for the shop! Thoughts?

Snickerdoodle cookie. A cinnamon vanilla cookie scented butter slime with glitter! The glitter is supposed to be like the spice flakes you may see in a cookie. I love this slime it smells like fresh backed cookies!

The thing that makes my shop unique are the scents and also I make everything by hand myself. I wear gloves and a mask and also sanitize everything! Also since I use essential oils as you play with the slime the oils warm and the scent becomes more noticeable. Which is nice!

I am going to add aromatherapy slimes too eventually!

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Lilacs and Gooseberry

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